Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey, it's Penny!

Apparently we have a blog now, and Ratso says we're supposed to be posting on it regularly so....here goes, I guess.

Since our zine isn't numbered in order, people have been wondering about the chronology, so here it is:

The first issue published was 1)#19- Which focused on The Can Kickers
This was followed by 2) #17 - Focused on Ted Gordon and the Red Shed
Then 3) #33 - Was all about Us and Us Only
Then 4) #35 - Was that one with the 'Bestiality and kittens' section
5) #10 - I think this was focused on Zachariah Williams
6) #40 - This is the one where we claimed to be the "Official zine of Wall-street Fat cats", we left some at Conflict Vinyl, and I think they're still there, lol.
7) #33 - The one I was left in charge of, the 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' special.
8) #50 - The 'final' issue
9) #9 (I know, that's confusing!) - Part of the Gloria Goddamn trilogy
10) #47 - The 'Murder' special
11) #7 - Another part of the GG trilogy
12) #8 - The final part of the GG trilogy
13) #12 - 'DTM! salutes America's heroes'
14) #6 - The Writer's Block Special

Johnny wants me to remind everyone we still have copies of 9-13 for sale, as well as one copy of number 8 (#50). 1-7 are out of print, and they're not coming back, and same with 8 as soon as we sell it. I think he has some plan to bind them all together and make a collection eventually, but for the foreseeable future, if it's out of print, it's gone.

To get a back issue, send $1 or trade to

Don't Tread On ME!
1128 West Grace St. Apt. 2
Richmond, VA 23220

Penny Lane

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