Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey, it's Penny!

Apparently we have a blog now, and Ratso says we're supposed to be posting on it regularly so....here goes, I guess.

Since our zine isn't numbered in order, people have been wondering about the chronology, so here it is:

The first issue published was 1)#19- Which focused on The Can Kickers
This was followed by 2) #17 - Focused on Ted Gordon and the Red Shed
Then 3) #33 - Was all about Us and Us Only
Then 4) #35 - Was that one with the 'Bestiality and kittens' section
5) #10 - I think this was focused on Zachariah Williams
6) #40 - This is the one where we claimed to be the "Official zine of Wall-street Fat cats", we left some at Conflict Vinyl, and I think they're still there, lol.
7) #33 - The one I was left in charge of, the 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' special.
8) #50 - The 'final' issue
9) #9 (I know, that's confusing!) - Part of the Gloria Goddamn trilogy
10) #47 - The 'Murder' special
11) #7 - Another part of the GG trilogy
12) #8 - The final part of the GG trilogy
13) #12 - 'DTM! salutes America's heroes'
14) #6 - The Writer's Block Special

Johnny wants me to remind everyone we still have copies of 9-13 for sale, as well as one copy of number 8 (#50). 1-7 are out of print, and they're not coming back, and same with 8 as soon as we sell it. I think he has some plan to bind them all together and make a collection eventually, but for the foreseeable future, if it's out of print, it's gone.

To get a back issue, send $1 or trade to

Don't Tread On ME!
1128 West Grace St. Apt. 2
Richmond, VA 23220

Penny Lane

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ratso at Zine Night

Ratso gave a reading for VCU's zine night, and it garnered one of the few positive reviews we've ever gotten. Check out the story, along with a slideshow here.

-Johnny Misanthropy

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This has been bugging me: Anyone who sends us a letter, or reviews our zine, the proper spelling is capital Don't Tread On ME!. The d, t, o, m and e are all capitalized, and there is an exclamation point on the end. How hard is that? It's on the cover of every fucking issue, you assholes.


We're back!

Oh man, remember when we said we were going to start updating this? Yeah, that didn't really happen.

From here on out though, I solemnly promise, that between myself, Johnny, and Penny, this blog will be updated at least 2-3 times per week, no matter what. Probably.

Ok, so what else? I did a reading at Cabell library the other day, and it went fantastically, thanks to everyone who came out.

There should be another reading coming up in mid-May at Sprout, I'll post the details as soon as I hear them.

Issue 14 will be coming soon. It's been one of the hardest issues to write yet, but it's going to be worth it when it finally comes.

Johnny's been on my ass about my 'low brow humor', lately, he says it makes us look trashy. I really have no idea what he's referring to.

Wieners, wieners, titty-fuck rim-job, wieners,


Thursday, September 16, 2010

DTM is online!

After promising it would happen soon for years, we've finally gone digital....for realz!

Check back soon for archived editions of previous issues.